Premiere - Public Speaking - Shifting Weight

We are excited to premiere the new single "Shifting Weight" from Public Speaking. The song with it's deep contemplative lyrics drifting over a minimalist and progressive soundscape, speaks brutal honesty in a potent tone on the artist own journey to a state of self bliss through the powers of self acceptance and expression. Dive in below.

Public Speaking is the project of Brooklyn sound artist and songwriter Jason Anthony Harris. 

"Shifting Weight" is the second single off his upcoming LP "Caress, Redact," available September 28th on Floordoor Records.


Jason explains the meaning behind the songs potent lyrics.

"I wanted to write a song about the relationship between a father and his gay son.

I knew that singing the lines 'My son is not a faggot/ My son is not a queen/ My blood doesn't carry those genes' was going to push me further towards coming out publicly as bisexual.

I wanted to be able to talk to listeners about what this meant to me.

The songwriter expressed his own fears of coming out to his father and how doing so might affect their relationship. 

''For the first time ever, he and I have a steady, loving relationship, and I didn't want to endanger that, nor ruin his image of me."

Finally finding solace in freedom, Jason speaks on the importance of being true to oneself.

''being honest with myself, and the ability to communicate openly about who I am through my music and in personal relationships was a freedom too great to keep in a closet any longer."

Public Speaking will return to the US for a fall tour, performing in New York, October 28 at Trans-Pecos.