Thaddeus Lowe Debuts at Humeysha Residency

Thaddeus Lowe is the solo sojourn of Musician, Activist and indie content creator Nadeem Salaam. The new album “Return To Nature” is a special brand of rock Americana with the DNA of sufi mysticism interwined. The end product is a guitar and synth driven chorus of memorable pop riffs and hooks, layered with deeply personal but relatable lyrics that read like a journal. The Album seems to be an audio ritual on attaining self awareness. There is a build up of angst in the rhythm of most songs, but this is usually balanced out with the deliberated application of vocals which enhance delivery of the sometimes somber lyrics. This marks Thaddeus Lowe’s first live set ever and we cant wait to see more from this band.

Noisey calls Humeysha “A marvelously mellow kind of psych-pop, clean and sparkly like a diamond baguette, dappled with Bollywood-toned lilts.” Down a man for the final night of their residency at Cmon Everybody, the group effortlessly morphed in to magical trio, churning out an addictive blend of contemporary and ritualistic sounds rich in cultural motifs.